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Take inventory…ASAP!

By December 3, 2018January 26th, 2019No Comments
Take inventory...ASAP!

With the horrible wildfires taking place in California now, it serves as a very good reminder to make sure you take inventory of your home/apartment NOW!

We never know when the unthinkable can happen and having an inventory of everything in your home will not only make it easier to get your insurance claim resolved, but will also provide you peace of mind knowing you are not leaving anything off the list.

With everyone having a smartphone, this task of taking inventory is a whole lot easier. The app on the phone I recommend is called Encircle. It’s free and easy to navigate. This is an app that will store photos and documents of the stuff you have in your home.

You simply go from room to room taking photos of the whole room, then of individual items of value and label what they are. This is stored on the app, so if you were to lose your phone, you could login on any other phone or computer.

Having photos and documents of everything you have will relive a lot of stress. Either download an app, or just take photos with your smartphone and back them up on a cloud storage system.

Take a Sunday and go to each room in your home, take photos and label everything. Then, once you purchase new things, do the same process. Yes, it will take some time out of your day, but do it. It is something that is so important and can help in many ways.

-Jim Waterwash

*we are in no way affiliated with any app or program mentioned