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If you own a business, whether a tech company, a lawn care contractor or a bar, you’ve probably had to mess with providing proof of insurance.

This can range from a simple request to complicated requirements, which force you to change your policy. This isn’t always the best thing for you. Either way, it allows people you interact with to have some degree of confidence in you.

We try to be consultative on the tough requests and efficient on the easy ones. We have options to create your own and even store them on our app/portal.

We have to have a license and continuing education and purchase professional liability much like a lawyer or attorney.

Why don’t clients ever ask them of us?!?!?

With that said your agent should do 3 things
  1. Guide you to request proof of insurance from your vendors
  2. Carry adequate professional and CYBER liability
  3. Furnish upon request proof of their own insurance!