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A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep Proves One Thing

“Being a mile wide and an inch deep really only proves you know a little about a lot and very little about a given topic.”

To truly give the best service, we cannot be a mile wide and an inch deep on topics. For example, the insurance industry is huge! Every single business in every single industry needs business insurance. How can one insurance advisor go from insuring a technology business to a manufacturing business to a barbershop and truly understand each of them? However, most insurance advisors out there do precisely that. They insure all sorts of companies in any given industry that they do not know the ins and outs of that industry.

In short, we don’t believe that this is possible. We are devoted to specializing in only a few industries. We want to be the specialist, the experts in the industries we offer our insurance advice. We spend a lot of time learning, understanding, and educating ourselves in the technology space. For us to provide technology business with the best insurance advice, we must do the following:

  1. Have access to the best insurance carriers specializing in technology business insurance.
  2. Continue to educate and learn about what is going on in the technology industry.
  3. Communicate efficiently and provide proactive services outside of just an insurance policy.

First, I want you to understand that not all insurance advisors have access to all insurance carriers. Also, not all insurance carriers offer insurance for technology businesses. We sought out the best carriers that have a great insurance product for technology businesses and partnered with them with this in mind.

Second, we must be able to speak the language of the technology industry. We do this by being involved in seminars that aren’t even about insurance. It’s a point of focus for my team and me to learn about the industry outside of insurance. Doing so allows us to talk the talk with you and truly put ourselves in your shoes.

Third, we must have processes and procedures that make it easy for you to do business with us. We are always seeking ways to make your customer experience more smooth. We get paid a commission every time you pay your premium, so it is our responsibility to make sure we are earning your business every day!

We are passionate about the technology industry because it is a very underserved and misunderstood industry regarding insurance coverages. Doing business with us means doing business with people who strive to put ourselves in your shoes and make recommendations based on our knowledge of insurance combined with the technology industry’s knowledge.

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